Music Audio Production Minor

The Music Audio Production minor includes instruction in music theory, composition, performance, and the rotation of industry coursework included in the BA/BS in Music: Audio Production Concentration. This minor is an excellent pair with a major in Business, Communication, or other arts programs to create a personalized plan for your career in the arts.

Required Courses
MUS 111Class Piano I1
or MUS 154 Applied Guitar
MUS 122Music Theory I3
MUS 123Aural Skills I1
MUS 209Introduction to the Modern Recording Studio3
MUS 307Recording and Mixing Techniques3
MUS 309The Business of Music3
MUS 312Electronic Music Production3
MUS 320Popular Composition2
MUS 492Music Academic Capstone1-3
Electives 3
Courses from BUSI, COMM, MGMT, MRKT, or MUS
Total Credits23-25