Distance Learning at VCSU

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Distance Learning at VCSU

VCSU seeks to advance quality distance learning opportunities for traditional and nontraditional students through access to courses and degree completion.

Distance Learning students should expect the same level of academic rigor from a distance learning course as from a course delivered in a traditional classroom setting. The VCSU Schedule and the Distance Learning website provide a list of distance learning courses and programs.

We offer several options for full, bachelor’s level programs, a Master of Arts in Teaching program, and a Master of Education program with six concentrations.


Delivered principally through Internet technologies, online courses can facilitate different learning styles, foster more active and independent learning, and provide greater access to higher education. On-campus attendance is not required for class participation. Students can work with course materials at their own convenience or they can collaborate on class projects using web-based communication tools. Through technology and innovation, VCSU online courses expand the boundaries of the traditional classroom.


Hybrid courses combine face-to-face classroom instruction with web-based or online components that replace seat time. By presenting a significant amount of course content online, reduced classroom time can be spent more efficiently and effectively. Hybrid courses unite the benefits of the traditional classroom with the advantages of online learning to promote more active independent learning.

Online Programs at VCSU

The following programs are available in an online-only format for distance students.

Online Major Degree Programs

  • Master of Arts in Teaching
  • Master of Education (with concentrations in Elementary Education, English Education, Library and Information Technologies, Teaching and Technology, Teaching English Language Learners, Technology Education)
  • Business Education1
  • Business Process Integration Management
  • Career and Technical Education
  • English and English Education1
  • History and History Education1
  • Music
  • Communication
  • Social Science
  • Technology Education1

Online Minor Programs and Certificates

  • Library Media
  • Psychology
  • Teaching English Language Learners (Minor) or ESL Endorsement
  • M.Ed. Library and Information Technologies Certificate
  • M.Ed. Teaching English Language Learners Certificate (ELL)
  • Technology Education
  • Customer Relationship Management Certificate
  • Enterprise Applications Certificate

State Authorization Notice to Online Students

If you live outside of North Dakota, please check which programs are available to be delivered to where you live. Programs listed above may include learning experiences that require additional authorizations in certain states that VCSU may not currently have. If you live outside of North Dakota, please check which programs are available to be delivered where you live.

Out-of-State Licensure

Valley City State University’s nationally accredited education programs meet requirements for North Dakota teacher licensure. Although most states accept our teacher education program graduates for licensure, VCSU cannot confirm nor advise that education programs meet requirements for every state. Students seeking licensure in states other than North Dakota should contact the appropriate licensing board in the state in which they are pursuing licensure.

Technical Requirements

All distance learners must comply with minimum technical requirements when taking online courses. For more information, see technical requirements.