Library Media and Information Science Minor

Required Courses
LMIS 250Introduction to the Library's Essential Role in Schools3
LMIS 360Collection Development3
LMIS 365The Organization of Information3
LMIS 370Reference Sources and Services3
LMIS 430Administration of the School Library3
LMIS 445Standards for Effective Libraries3
LMIS 470Current Issues in Librarianship3
EDUC 330Children's Literature3
or ENGL 350 Young Adult Reading and Literature
ND Library Media and Credential Information Completion of the five basic courses (LMIS 250, LMIS 360, LMIS 365, LMIS 370, LMIS 430) in the Library Minor and Teacher Certification qualifies students as Library Media Specialists at LMO3 level in ND.
Completion of the Library Minor (24 hours) as described in the catalog and ND Teacher Certification qualifies students as a Library Media Specialist in ND at the LMO2 level.
Total Credits24