Computer Science Minor

Required General Education Courses
CIS 170Introduction to Computer Information Systems3
Required Courses
CSCI 160Introduction to Structured Programming I3
CSCI 161Introduction to Structured Programming II3
CSCI 242Data Structures3
CSCI 350Assembly Language Programming3
or CSCI 372 Comparative Programming Languages
CSCI 370Computer Organization & Systems 13
Select 9 hours from the following:9
Microcomputer Hardware I
Operating Systems
Networking Fundamentals I
Systems Analysis and Design
Database Theory/Design
Senior Portfolio
Introduction to Programming in Java
Programming Language Topics
Comparative Programming Languages 1
Assembly Language Programming
Teaching Computer Science 2
Practicum in Computer Science
Symbolic Logic
Applied Probability and Statistics
Linear Algebra and Matrices
Engineering the Future
The student must have at least three hours from the directed electives that are not in major requirements or major electives. Electives must be approved by an advisor from the Mathematics Department.
Total Credits27

 CSCI 370 Computer Organization & Systems is a prerequisite to CSCI 350 Assembly Language Programming


 Can be used as an elective if not being used as a required course.