Healthcare Aide Certificate

This certificate is for individuals interested in completing certification as a Nursing Assistant (CNA), Cardiographic Technician (CCT), or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). The certificate will prepare you for licensure testing and provide you with basic skills needed in the job market. In addition, this certificate will prepare students for entry level jobs in health care such as, childcare workers, direct support professional and home health aide. The 15 credits of coursework include english, mathematics, computer literacy, medical terminology, and a specific training course as developed for your interest area of certification (CNA, EMT, CCT).

Required Courses
AH 101Nursing Assistant Training2
or AH 102 Cardiographic Technician Training
BIOL 171Medical Terminology3
or HPER 128 Communication for Health Care Professionals
CIS 170Introduction to Computer Information Systems3
ENGL 110College Composition I3
MATH 103College Algebra3
or MATH 104 Finite Mathematics
or MATH 107 Precalculus
or MATH 210 Elementary Statistics
Total Credits14