Centers and Institutes

North Dakota University System Board-Recognized Centers and Institutes at Valley City State University

Don Mugan Career and Technical Education Leadership Center

Co-Directors: Peder Gjovik, Richard Ross

Valley City State University
McFarland Hall
(701) 845-7444

The mission of the Don Mugan Career and Technical Education Leadership Center is to recruit and retain high quality teachers and administrators in career and technical education in the state of North Dakota. The center supports career and technical education by providing training for new teachers in the field, as well as providing professional development opportunities to retain and keep our CTE teachers and administrators current in their professions.

Great Plains STEM Education Center

Director: Jamie Wirth

Valley City State University
Rhoades Science Center 132
(701) 845-7734

The Great Plains STEM Education Center’s goal is to bring North Dakota to the forefront of STEM education.

The center’s role is to provide leadership, professional development for teachers and administrators, documentation of STEM education competence through endorsements that appear on licenses and certificates that appear on transcripts, promote student competitions, and connect with the larger community.

Prairie Waters Education and Research Center

Director: Andre DeLorme

11810 51st Street SE
Kathryn, North Dakota 58049
(701) 845-7570

The Prairie Waters Education and Research Center provides environmental education opportunities on water issues for K-12 students, college students, teachers and natural resource professionals in North Dakota.  In addition it provides research opportunities for VCSU students.

The center is located in the former Kathryn School in Kathryn, North Dakota, approximately 20 miles south of Valley City.