University Studies (UNIV)


UNIV 110. Study Skills. 1 Credit.

Teach/refresh concepts that students can implement in their course work to improve academic success. Upon successful completion of the course, each student will have improved his/her ability to maximize success in college course work & reflection procedures through utilization & demonstration of time management, goal setting, and learning styles along assignment completion through BB content and email.
Typically Offered: Fall, Spring.

UNIV 150. Viking Voyage. 1 Credit.

A freshman experience that begins during opening weekend. Topics include group service learning projects, team building, campus services, adjusting to college life, academic advising, and academic policies.
Typically Offered: Fall.

UNIV 180. Prior Learning Assessment for Credit. 1 Credit.

An opportunity for the adult learner to assemble knowledge from experiences such as work, leisure, and independent study into a portfolio for faculty evaluation of potential university academic credits.
Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.
Grading: S/U only.

UNIV 194. Independent Study. 1-3 Credits.

Directed reading, study, and/or activities in selected topics.
Typically Offered: On sufficient demand.
Repeatable: Up to 12 Credits.

UNIV 199. Special Topics. 1-4 Credits.

Courses not offered in the regular catalog that provide an opportunity to extend student learning.
Typically Offered: On sufficient demand.

UNIV 250. Learning to Live Mentor. 0-1 Credits.

An opportunity for upper level students to act as mentors in the Learning to Live, Living to Learn program.
Typically Offered: Fall.
Repeatable: Up to 4 Credits.

UNIV 481. Continuous Enrollment. 0-1 Credits.

An option for undergraduate students who must remain continuously enrolled during the undergraduate studies process.
Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.
Grading: S/U only.
Repeatable: Up to 6 Credits.

UNIV 491. University Studies Capstone. 2 Credits.

Assessment of the impact of educational experiences culminating in a service project, thesis, or internship which will prepare students for their desired career. Topics include critical analysis and research, development of memoir/narratives, project managements, creation of culminating project, development of career goals.
Typically Offered: On sufficient demand.