Agriculture Economics (AGEC)


AGEC 341. Agricultural Economics. 3 Credits.

An introductory course in agricultural and environmental economics. Explores the relationships between production, food systems, world markets, government programs, farms, agribusiness and the environment.
Typically Offered: Spring, odd years.

AGEC 342. Introduction to Agriculture Management. 3 Credits.

Economic and managerial concepts related to farm or agribusiness production process, development of cost data, enterprise analysis, organization and management of production inputs.
Typically Offered: Fall, odd years.

AGEC 346. Agriculture Commodity Marketing. 3 Credits.

Explores the basics of commodity marketing and demonstrates how to use those tools in risk management. The course will include a commodity market simulation called Commodity Challenge.
Typically Offered: Spring, even years.

AGEC 442. Advanced Farm Management. 3 Credits.

A course that applies economic and financial measurements to production processes and agribusiness operations. Students will focus on profit maximization through proper management and analysis of inputs and outputs.
Typically Offered: Spring, even years.
Prerequisite: BUSI 342.