Graduation Requirements

Completing Credits

Students must successfully complete 33-37 graduate semester credits with course grades received of A, B, C, S in an approved plan of study to be eligible for graduation.

Transfer Credits

Students may not transfer more than nine (9) credit hours required for the degree.

Degree Requirements

Students must successfully complete course requirements, a research report, a final comprehensive portfolio, and any other program concentration requirements.

Grade Point

Students must attain a minimum overall graduate grade point average of 3.0 with no more than two (2) course repeats. No course may be repeated more than once.

Application for Graduation

Application for graduation must be made to the Office of Graduate Studies. Students must apply for graduation according to the dates established by VCSU. See Catalog calendar.

Time Limit

The time elapsed from the beginning of the first course applied toward degree requirements to the degree awarded date will not exceed seven (7) years.