Technology (TECH)


TECH 651. Curriculum Development in Career and Technical Education. 3 Credits.

An exploration and application of curriculum theory and models for Career and Technical Education. Through this course the professional educator will integrate their content specialty and educational content standards with pedagogical knowledge, culture, curriculum, and instruction
Typically Offered: Spring, even years.

TECH 652. Instructional Strategies in Training and Occupational Education. 3 Credits.

Explores the relationship of the individual instructor, learners, technology, and the lab/classroom in the development of successful instructional strategies. The course provides students with the knowledge of relevant learning theories as a basis for developing instructional strategies to maximize Career and Technical Education outcomes.
Typically Offered: Spring, odd years.

TECH 653. Trends and Issues in Occupational Education. 3 Credits.

Explores trends in philosophy, STEM education, work-force needs, curriculum, and teaching procedures in Career and Technical Education. Students will research and analyze current issues, including STEM education, relating to Career and Technical education.
Typically Offered: Fall.

TECH 654. Administration and Management in Career and Technical Education. 3 Credits.

This course addresses administration and management considerations of organization policy, human and financial resources, facilities, and the planning process as applied to Career and Technical Education.
Typically Offered: Summer.

TECH 675. Research and Assessment in Technology Education. 3 Credits.

A study of the action research process. Provides the opportunity to conduct practical action research in the standards based technology education classroom/laboratory. Evidence of success will be published or publishable article for professional journals. The course will also build on issues discussed in TECH 650 with emphasis on assessment of student learning.
Typically Offered: Spring.
Prerequisite: EDUC 610.

TECH 688. Safety and Management in the Technology Laboratory. 3 Credits.

An examination of safety issues in light of a standards based environment with a team approach to prototype development and research in Technology Education. The course covers an essential discussion of hazards in addition to machine toll operation, due to the wide ranging activities encountered by students, as well as laboratory systems and management issues.
Typically Offered: Summer.

TECH 689. Research Application. 1 Credit.

Preparation for completing individual action research topic on the graduate level. The course directs the student in completion of M.Ed. research requirement. Cross-referenced with EDUC 689, ENGL 689, and LMIS 689.
Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.

TECH 694. Independent Study. 1-3 Credits.

A student initiated course to provide expanded offerings to meet a special need. The student effort may be a major project or an additional research activity.
Typically Offered: On sufficient demand.
Repeatable: Up to 3 Credits.

TECH 698. Capstone. 2 Credits.

A summative graduate experience that reflects on learning and makes connections to changes in teaching and methodology. The students will demonstrate the core knowledge and in this standards-based digital portfolio. Previously developed publishable action research effort is showcased. Cross-referenced with EDUC 698, ENGL 698, and LMIS 698.
Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer.

TECH 699. Special Topics. 1-3 Credits.

An advanced study covering topics not regularly taught in the Master of education program. The course provides learners with the flexibility to investigate topics of interest.
Typically Offered: On sufficient demand.