Communications (COMM)

COMM 611. Communication Theory. 3 Credits.

A survey of communication theory and research topics as that pertain to everyday social interactions. Students explore the relationship between theory, guiding, research, and knowledge.
Typically Offered: Spring, even years.

COMM 630. Instructional Communication and Technology. 3 Credits.

A study of current concepts, theories, and practice in instruction, communication, and technology. This course explores historical and rhetorical perspectives, traits, instructional message variables, incivility, assessment, course design, and evolving instructional technologies.
Typically Offered: Fall, even years.

COMM 645. Media Uses and Effects. 3 Credits.

A study of the theoretical and practical research of major issues found in the media. Topics include media effect, violence, persuasion, public opinion, marketing, and media literacy.
Typically Offered: Spring, odd years.

COMM 650. Advanced Interpersonal Communication. 3 Credits.

A survey of communication theory and research topics as they pertain to everyday social interactions. Students explore an examination of styles, patterns and challenges in human communication in both verbal and nonverbal contexts. This class looks at many types of relationships and modes of communication, particularity in relation to education.
Typically Offered: Summer, even years.

COMM 655. Advanced Intercultural Communication. 3 Credits.

An advanced exploration of cross-cultural and intercultural communication, focusing on definitions, concepts and theories of culture as they relate to the self and the classroom. Special emphasis will be placed on norms, etiquette, gender, and sexuality especially as they relate within the framework of the educational setting.
Typically Offered: Fall, odd years.

COMM 660. Group Communication, Team Building, and Leadership. 3 Credits.

A course on the theories and praxis of creating and maintaining successful group, team, and leadership experiences in the classroom. Topics include group formation, climate, roles, goals, conflict resolution, and leadership nurturing.
Typically Offered: Summer, odd years.

COMM 694. Independent Study. 1-3 Credits.

A student initiated course to provide expanded offerings to meet a special need. The student effort may be a major project or an additional research activity.
Typically Offered: On sufficient demand.
Repeatable: Up to 3 Credits.

COMM 699. Special Topics. 1-3 Credits.

Typically Offered: On sufficient demand.