Student Academic Services

Director of Student Academic Services

Kaleen Peterson
Vangstad 018
(701) 845-7302


Our Mission:

The CAVE - Center for Academic Vision & Engagement - is a place for increasing student success and lifelong learning.  We use a holistic approach to help students improve as learners.  We provide tutoring, services for students with disabilities, academic guidance, and help with career planning.  Our goal is to empower student success in and out of the classroom, on campus, and beyond.

.  We work with students to provide the following services:

  • Guidance navigating college.  For most students, college can be difficult to navigate.  That is why we pride ourselves on being a resource hub for both on campus and distance students.  Have a question but don't know where to go for the answer?  Our knowledge about the structure of the university is to support you the student in understanding VCSU.  We offer guidance in filling out add/drop forms, petitions, major changes, service locations, and much more.
  • Academic Guidance and Career Development.  Students can work with the Director for Student Academic Services, the Learning Services Coordinator, and the Career Services Coordinator to develop academic and/or career goals.  We will work with you to create a pathway for reaching those goals so as to ensure your best chance for success.  In addition to this, we offer students the ability to build skill sets that will serve them on campus and beyond.
  • The Learning Center and Student Support.  Sometimes students need help with homework or preparing for a test and that is where we come in.  Our friendly and available tutors are here to provide guidance and support in most 100 and 200 level courses.  Their flexibility in scheduling means they can meet with students at their convenience. For more information or to schedule tutoring visit

For more information on these services and more, please visit our website at