Continuing Education Online Providers

Ed2Go Courses

Ed2Go (Education To Go) is a leading provider of online continuing education—offering more than 250 non-credit and more than 50 credit-bearing courses taught online by expert instructors. Ed2Go has partnered with Valley City State University to offer these courses.

CE Credits Online

CE Credits Online is a nationwide provider of university-accredited, high-quality, standards-based, online continuing education courses that focus on improving teaching and student achievement. CE Credits Online curricula is content-rich and abundant with research-based strategies to improve classroom and school environments, to move educators to intentional best practice, and to improve student achievement. Valuable for new and experienced teachers, teams, leads, mentors and administrators (K-12).

Customizable Professional Development (CPD) Online

Valley City State University offers graduate professional development credits in conjunction with Customizable Professional Development (CPD) online classes. CPD’s primary purpose is to improve educational outcomes for today’s student by providing high-quality, targeted professional development for teachers. CPD’s instructors are dedicated to providing meaningful professional development for teachers in order to increase their students’ learning outcomes. All professional development courses are offered online.

Model Teaching

Valley City State University offers graduate-level professional development courses for semester credits in partnership with Model Teaching. Model Teaching provides affordable online courses for k-12 educators across the country. Each Model Teaching course delivers content in a step-by-step format, provides printable resources ready for use, and supports actionable implementation through engaging activities. When you register with a Model Teaching course, you can start immediately and work entirely online and at your own pace.