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MATH 208. Discrete Mathematics. 3 Credits.

Sets, relations and functions, combinatorics, logic, methods of proof, Boolean Algebra, difference equations, mathematical induction, combinatorics, introduction to graph theory and automata.
Typically Offered: Fall.
Prerequisite: MATH 103 or MATH 104.

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Department Chair: Dr. Preston Bush, , (701) 845-7151 Faculty Contact: Dr. Preston Bush, , (701) 845-7151 Department Office: 203 Rhoades Science Center, (701) 845-7452 Schedule a Visit: , (701) 845-7101 or (800) 532-8641, ext. 7101 Major Mathematics is the foundation for all science, technology and engineering. It is an interesting major in its own right. Mathematical sophistication is a fundamental skill for a technical society like ours. Mathematics is a major that leads to careers in business, industry and government as well as graduate study in a large variety of disciplines. There is plentiful demand in the job market for individuals skilled in mathematics. This major follows the guidelines of the Committee on Undergraduate Programs in Mathematics established by the Mathematical Association of America. A mathematics major has a a wide variety of job opportunities; some may require additional education. These may range from business statistician, credit manager, network programmer, meteorologist, financial consultant, economist, stockbroker, robotics programmer, property appraiser or even a software support specialist.   Explore Mathematics “VCSU provided me with the opportunity to complete a double major and compete in college football. The math education program gave me the knowledge and practical experiences that prepared me for my current teaching career.” —Trent Kosel ’11, Edgeley, N.D.; math teacher and football coach, Northern Cass Public Schools, N.D.